Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Types

There are many types of commercial outdoor furniture available on the market for your business needs including tables, chairs, benches, lounge chairs, and trash receptacles. The hospitality industry has been utilizing commercial-grade furniture for many years because it is much more durable than regular furniture and can withstand the frequent and heavy use of many patrons. Read about some popular choices below.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Aluminum

Aluminum has been a popular material for commercial outdoor furniture for many years because of its strength and durability. Chairs, benches, and trashcans are routinely made with aluminum. Even pool loungers are frequently made with aluminum and include vinyl straps for the seating area. Aluminum is easy to maintain and very durable so commercial furniture made of aluminum will last many years even with heavy use. Aluminum is a good choice for durability and although it is usually the least stylish of all commercial furniture types you can definitely find many attractive styles to complement your outdoor space.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Plastic

Plastics are a very popular material for many outdoor products including commercial outdoor furniture. Furniture pieces made of plastic such as acrylic, PVC, and resin have many advantages. These outstanding features make them a great choice for outdoor furniture including versatility in design, durability, and easy maintenance. Plastic furniture is available in many different colors and designs. So you are sure to be able to compliment your décor and get the look you want without having to ever worry about repainting or finishing it. In nicer plastic furniture pieces, a ‘wood grain’ can be stamped into the plastic during manufacture.

Plastic furniture is extremely resistant to salt and chlorine, the elements, bugs, and rot. It is also very hard to damage outdoor plastic furniture so you do not need to worry about patrons scratching or gouging your plastic furniture. Outdoor plastic furniture can also be made from recycled plastic i.e. beverage jugs which makes it environmentally responsible and a choice you can feel good about. Plastic furniture is also lightweight but strong making it perfect for a wide variety of outdoor locations.

Commercial Outdoor Wooden Furniture

And of course, don’t forget about real wood! If you are the kind of person that can’t stand having too many synthetic products around your property then consider purchasing wood furniture made from extremely durable hardwoods like Teak, Cedar, Cypress, and Redwood. These woods don’t need to be painted or stained, they can be left to weather into mellow tones of grey. They won’t blow away in the wind.

Just because a piece of furniture is designed for commercial use does not mean that it cannot be stylish and help to add interest and enjoyment to any location. There are many different materials used for commercial outdoor furniture. And all have a slightly different look and feel to them that contribute to a location’s atmosphere.

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