Side Post and Cantilever Umbrella Provide a Moveable Shade

Cantilever Umbrellas

If you’re looking for a décor solution that will provide your deck or patio with shade without taking up much needed space, a side post patio umbrella, or a “Cantilever Umbrella” is a good choice. These types of umbrellas are space-saving and efficient and provide the much needed shade to make your deck or patio enjoyable even in the summer heat. Regarding the naming of cantilever umbrellas, a precise name has not yet been agreed upon. You have to look for these types of umbrellas in the market by a wide variety of names. Some of these names are:

  • Cantilever umbrella.
  • Cantilever patio umbrella.
  • Cantilever parasol.
  • Cantilever patio parasol.
  • Wall mounted cantilever parasol.
  • Wall mounted parasol.
  • Side post patio umbrella.
  • Side post umbrella.
  • Side post parasol.
  • Asymmetrical parasol.
  • Asymmetrical patio umbrella.
  • Asymmetrical umbrella.
  • Offset umbrella.
  • Offset patio umbrella.
  • Offset cantilever umbrella.
  • Side pillar umbrella.
  • Side umbrella.
  • Side arm umbrella.

What is the difference between an offset and a cantilever umbrella?

Although these all mean the same type of outdoor umbrellas, this confusion arises due to the focus on different features of the product and the use of different words for these features. If you ask what is the difference between them, because of the architectural meaning of the word “Cantilever”, a distinction is widespread that a cantilever umbrella is a non-pillar and a wall-mounted type. However, in this article, the name cantilever has been used as a generalization for all these similar umbrella models.

Why cantilever umbrella models so popular

A cantilever umbrella or a side-post patio umbrella does not need to go through a hole in the center of your deck or patio because it is mounted on a pole that is free-standing and moveable.

What makes this type of patio umbrella so unique is that many have great features that make them the perfect shade solution. They don’t have a center pole, they tilt and change position from horizontal to almost vertical, and they rotate around 360 degrees to shade any desired area. A side-post patio umbrella provides both function and style and is a great way to create an enjoyable and comfortable outdoor space. They are a great way to provide the needed shade on your patio, deck, or by your pool without taking up a lot of space. Patio umbrellas also come in a variety of sizes to shade both small and large areas. They also usually adjust so that you can use them at a variety of heights as needed.

Cantilever umbrella types

Patio cantilever umbrellas also come in a variety of styles and designs to complement any landscape or outdoor décor. Umbrellas come in rectangular as well as round and oval shapes, many different colors, and styles such as bamboo and palm fronds to add visual appeal to your patio and create the relaxing atmosphere you desire. Even with the many stylish options available, most patio cantilever umbrellas are made of durable materials that are designed to stand up to the elements and provide years of use. You should look for an umbrella with quality hardware to ensure that it will stand up to the test of time. A patio cantilever umbrella can add comfort to your outdoor space as well as visual appeal. They allow you to relax in the shade out of the hot sun while promoting air circulation for even greater comfort.

Moveable shade for your comfort

No matter if your outdoor living space is casual, elegant, or even decorated in a tropical motif, you can find a patio cantilever umbrella that will accent your décor as well as provide many days of relaxation and enjoyment during the hot summer months. The shade is one of the best ways to create a soothing personal space outdoors in the summer so start enjoying your patio with the right umbrella. If you are looking for a shade solution for your patio, deck, or garden that will add to your enjoyment and relaxation of your outdoor living space, a patio cantilever umbrella is a great choice.


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