Pet Patio Doors – Freedom for Your Pet and You

Pet Patio Doors

Pet patio doors are the best option available to pet owners who want to allow their pets to come and go as needed without having to let them out. Most pet owners do not like being disturbed in the middle of the night or during an important activity to let their pet out. Most pets would love the opportunity to be able to let themselves out when they need to and most pet owners would also enjoy this arrangement.

Pet patio doors are easy to install and most pets can easily learn how to use them, ending the need for you to get up in the wee hours of the morning to let your pet out. Pet patio doors will also allow your pet to remain in the comfort and safety of your home when you are away while still having access to the outside.

What are the best dog doors for sliding glass doors?

There are many different types of pet doors available, all with varying features and requirements. Pet patio doors are some of the easiest to install as they do not require you to cut any holes in a door or wall. Most pet patio doors install easily without tools into your existing patio door frame. These types of pet doors are available in many different sizes to accommodate the largest of dogs to the smallest of cats.

Pet doors that are designed to work with sliding glass doors usually install directly into the door track without the need for cutting holes in the door. The pet door is included in the bottom of an entire pane of glass and the sliding door closes up to the point of the new pane. The door can still be shut and locked as normal.

What are your options when buying pet patio doors?

Some pet patio doors are adjustable, allowing you to raise and lower them to fit the size of your pet. Others have a fixed size. You can find pet doors that are made of a single pane of glass as well as some that are made of double panes for more energy efficiency. Make sure the height you select allows your dog or cat to enter and exit without discomfort if you want the best results.

Because there are so many size options for pet doors, it is easy to get the size you need for your pet. Generally, your pet’s door should be as tall as the shoulder of your dog or cat. Pets usually do fine having to lower their head to enter but they should not have to crouch down or crawl to get through the door as this will make it hard to teach your pet to use the door and make using it uncomfortable for them.

How do I protect my pet patio door from other animals?

You can also get doors that lock so that you can regulate when your pet is allowed to come in or go out, or prevent other animals from entering your home at night or when you are away. You can even get electronic locking models that open only for a magnetic key attached to your pet’s collar. This type of door is especially useful if you are worried about other animals entering your home through our pet patio door.

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