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Portfolio Lighting

Portfolio lighting is a high-end, top-quality brand of outdoor and indoor light fixtures. The Portfolio brand of lighting is best known for its elegant and innovative line of recessed lighting. Landscape architects and designers use Portfolio lighting fixtures to highlight their creations, so why shouldn’t you?

About Portfolio Lighting

Portfolio lighting will allow you to see well in style and comfort. Portfolio lighting adds a sophisticated and contemporary beauty to any area. Ideas for using portfolio lights in your own great outdoors are to install these state-of-the-art fixtures around your outdoor living room, your front porch, deck, breezeway, and patio. Use Portfolio lighting to highlight landscape elements like trees, rocks, fountains, and sculptures. Illuminate outdoor cooking areas, hot tubs, swimming pool houses with Portfolio lights.

The brand has an incredible variety of different designs and styles

  • Low Voltage Lighting kits
  • Solar, LED, Halogen, Fluorescent, and Incandescent landscape lights
  • Recessed lights installed in the ceiling, countertops, walkways, decks, and patios.
  • Wall and Hanging Lanterns
  • Wall Scones that project light up or down
  • Flushmount fixtures
  • Pendants
  • Candle Lanterns
  • Stainless Steel fixtures
  • Wrought Iron Floor and Table lamps
  • Some Usage Tips for Portfolio Lighting

    Hanging pendant lights that cast light down are perfect for use above grills and other cooking spaces outdoors that are undercover. They do not take up and counter or table room saving you space for other tasks. They are also soft, inviting, and easy on the eyes. Wall sconces for outdoor lighting are often quite small and focus their light downward to avoid blinding you at night with a glare.

    Flush mounts are great when you have a narrow space that needs light. Lanterns provide cozy ambient lighting to create a mood. Wrought Iron lighting fixtures provide a rustic, arts and crafts feel to your front porch or verandah. Low Voltage Lighting kits are safe for non-professional lighting installations. Portfolio lighting is not widely available online but you check out the selection at places like Amazon, Lowes, eBay, and Bizrate.

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